jueves, 5 de julio de 2012

What are you Doing ?

1) They are dancing a good music maybe salsa
2) He is fishing
3)He is watching tv
4)He is hiking the mount everest jajaja
5)He is reading a book
6)He take a photography
7)She is shopping
8) He is painting

In my backpack I have a......

 A small bag where I put either the DS or 3DS XL backpack although I have also large compartment for either consoles.
A red box where I put the DS XL
A card reader for Micro SD
Nintendo DS XL
3DS Base
A single charger for the 3DS and XL
Silicon Case for 3DS
3DS Cartridges
A pair of headphones for what they are lost ones (always lost XD)
an LED lamp
250Gb external HDD shockproof
A mini triple for the camera
The loader of the House
Case for storing the camera
Neoprene Case
Cable for iPhone
retractable mouse
Charger from the laptop (I have a carry case)

viernes, 29 de junio de 2012

Level 1. Unit 3 and unid 4 - Personal Items - Modern electronics and What are you doing?

this is the lesson for unit 4, here we practice present continous....

Level 1 World Link unit 4

More PowerPoint presentations from doris molero

Level 1 Unit 3. Personal Items - Modern electronics

my classmates and their blogs!

these are my classmates and their blogs!

Level 1 T312
T312 may-Jul 2012

Stephanie Zabaleta http://stephanietyfa.blogspot.com/
Agnei Marcano http://thisenglishproject.blogspot.com/
Rommel Argotte http://nioscuroniclaro.blogspot.com/
Jessica Tambo http://jesstambo.blogspot.com/
Liz Palmera http://lizneriss.blogspot.com/
Kisbel Romero http://kisbelromero.blogspot.com/
Ender Socorro http://enderesamelo.blogspot.com/
Daniel Zabala http://learningenglishwithdanielzabala.blogspot.com/
Kendry Arias http://kykearias.blogspot.com/
Alejandro Pérez http://alejandrodperez.blogspot.com/
Andrea Diaz http://andreadiaz24.blogspot.com/
Alma Araujo http://almaaraujomendez2.blogspot.com/
Edinor Villalobos http://edinorvillalobos.blogspot.com/
Loimber Lopez http://loimberlopez.blogspot.com/
Nestor Arrias http://nestorarrias.blogspot.com/
Jeison Parra http://jeisonparra2012.blogspot.com/
Gustavo Pérez http://gustavojperez.blogspot.com/
Aiskel Salvatore http://aiskelsalvatore.blogspot.com/
Fernando Gonzalez http://fernandojgonzalezg.blospot.com/
Ambar Guerrero http.//http://ambersofia18.blogspot.com
Fernando Miquilena http://ertomatefrito.blogspot.com/
Carlos Chacin http://carlitos-chacin.blogspot.com/
Andreina Castillo http://andreinaca15.blogspot.com/
Jalim Romero http://jarm20.blogspot.com/
Aiskel Salvatore http://aiskelsalvatore.blogspot.com/
Andrea Diaz http://andreadiaz24.blogspot.com/

jueves, 7 de junio de 2012

look that !!

1) Hi, what`s your name ? -My name is shakira
* Her name is shakira

2) How old are you ? - I`m 25 years old
* She is Twenty Five years old

3) Where are you from ? - I`m from Colombia
* She is From Colombia

4) Where are you from, originally ? - Originally I`m  form medellin
* Originally she is from Medellin

5) What`s is your phone number ? - My phone number is 55-81-3
* Her phone number is  55-81-3

6) What`s your favorite athlete ? - My favorite athlete is Pique because he is my boyfriend
*   Her favorite athlete is Pique because he is her boyfriend 

domingo, 27 de mayo de 2012

Interview, Unit 2

 My favorite city is Madrid because besides being the capital of Spain, is a very beautiful city, I would like to visit the Santiago Bernabeu and also travel around the city. I think the people are friendly.  well, I think so jejeje . 

Interview I

                                       My FAvorites........!!!

1.- My favorite athlet is CR7 he is a amazing player soccer, he is more better thant messi. xd 

2.- My favorite actress is Angelina Jolie because she is beautifull and her mouth is big and i like it. 

3.- My Favorite singes is Alex CAmpos because he has some great songs.

4.- My Favorite Social Network is FAcebook because you can meet new friends and chat with people around the world. 

5.- My favorite Music is Rock.

6.- My favorite food is spaguetti.